The Wrong Furnace Filter Can Cost You Money

Can I buy my filter from a store for my HVAC system?

The filters in the store may say “Long lasting” and “More Efficient”, but it doesn’t mean it will work in your furnace. In order to properly select a filter for your home, you need more information that what your local supermarket or hardware store can provide. The truth in the filter advertising is based on the definitions used by filter manufactures for designing & evaluating their filters. The bottom line is Buyer Beware!

Will a longer-life filter outlast my current filter?

Maybe. It’s absolutely true that the pleated design increases the surface area of the filter. Thus, it follows that the filter pleated design with its larger surface area will last longer than the smaller, flat-surfaced filter. But, this is only true if they are made of identical filtering materials. You’ll find, pleated filters are made of more efficient filtering materials than the standard flat throw-away filters. The bottom line is that there is no way to tell if the replacement filter will last longer than the original one other than putting a filter in. It all depends on the type and size of the filter, and amount of dust in your home.

Why is lowering airflow in a HVAC system a problem?

HVAC systems are carefully-designed and –balanced, complex heat-transferring machines. Heat exchangers are used to transfer the heat to the air in an HVAC furnace. To work properly, these heat exchangers are designed to operate with a minimum and a maximum airflow going through them. In the worst case heating scenarios, low airflow in a furnace can cause short cycling by tripping the high temperature safety switch. Low airflow through the cooling coil could cause it to ice up, resulting in cooling failures or, worse yet, flooding.

How can I know for sure if a new filter I pick will work in my HVAC system?

Make sure the filter you select is compatible with the design specifications of the HVAC furnace system. If you want to increase your filter’s efficiency to have cleaner air in your home, then it takes someone who can understand your personal filtration requirements and then connect them with your HVAC equipment’s airflow requirements. For your HVAC system to work properly, the person working on it must be able to:

  • Specify filter type based on your requirements
  • Design the installation, including controls and ducting
  • Install the ducting and controls as designed
  • Test the new filtration unit to make sure the HVAC system has the required airflow

Consult the Experts

As you may have guessed by now, it is not the clerk on the supermarket filter isle. If you want your home HVAC system to remove household dust, plant spores, pet dander, or more exotic odors, etc., You need to call a us TODAY, so we can get you a filtration system that meets you needs and will work properly with your HVAC equipment. Gustafson Heating & Air Conditioning can provide filtration systems to satisfy every customer’s needs.

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