There are 4 things you should consider when choosing a whole-home system in the Denver area: Capacity, Control, Size and Ease of Maintenance.


The average-size home requires about eleven humidifier gallons of water per day. If the humidifier can’t deliver this much water, consequently it is undersized for most installations and is not recommended. There are humidifier models that can produce up to eighteen gallons per day (evaporative Units) and over twenty-three gallons of water per day (Steam-Type Units)


There is a direct relationship with capacity and control. If the capacity is not there, you simply cannot reach the RH (Relative Humidity) levels required for comfort. Therefore, control is as essential in keeping RH levels low enough as it is in keeping it high enough. We have humidifiers that give you the ability to not only have the correct capacity, but to also control it either manually or automatically.

Ease of Maintenance

Just as you would maintain your car, a humidifier should have a scheduled maintenance program. Typically, humidifiers should be checked once a year. We offer service contracts to help you perform this task. Our humidifiers are designed for simple and easy maintenance. The components are especially easy to clean or can simply be replaced with new parts saving time and money.


Sizing for humidification is similar to sizing for heating and cooling. The humidifier capacity required will be determined by the size of the home and the build quality or “tightness”.  Furthermore, an older home with more air infiltration and larger homes will require more humidification.

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